Client: Associated Students Inc.
Developed and proposed a logo for Associated Students Inc., Cal Poly Pomona's potential logo rebranding. 
Proposed Logo
This logo is made from rectangular blocks emphasizing ASI’s ability to act as building blocks for students. Through the events, jobs and opportunities provided by ASI, students are given a foundation to further their college experiences and future careers. The letters of the logo are connected to each other with one line that cuts and defines them showing that ASI connects students to each other and to their passions encouraging them to carve their own paths.
Other Logos
For these logos, the “S” for students is brought to the forefront, emphasizing that ASI puts students first. Through its services, job opportunities and programs, ASI connects students to each other and to their interests to ensure they have a positive college life. Thus, the “S,” also, represents this connection by literally connecting the “A” to the “I.”
Initial Sketches with Vectorized Logo
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